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Still in waiting state, I am currently at work now. Speaking for waiting, I have been waiting for this 32 year old business man reply since Saturday, it has been 5 days since then, I keep telling my-self that I should stop thinking about him since god knows I am just going to waste some brain cells if I do! Speaking of forgetting someone, Mr. First emailed me and I have not yet reply and I have no plan in continuing my relationship with him as his free fuck!! NO Fucking Way… but I’ll tell him in a friendly way that I am seeing someone now, since we have this arrangement that if I met someone I should tell him and will stop, and DONE to you Mr. First…

God I am also feeling useless today! I don’t feel well also. I have been neglecting my job! Instead, I am writing this in notepad and soon to copy paste it in here… I can’t wait for something exciting to happen. God how boring…

Today is cloudy, its going to rain in the afternoon.